Take care of your firearm and your firearm will take care of you.  You depend on your firearm to perform when your life is on the line, don’t do that without a regular inspection and maintenance.

A factory certified Armorer, is specially trained to inspect and repair your firearms.  With access to factory experts, OEM parts and special tools, only an Armorer has the skills and knowledge to work on your guns.

We can provide a variety of service for your firearms;

Routine Maintenance and Inspection
With special tools and cleaning equipment an Armorer can check for worn parts, deep clean, properly lubricate and stay ahead of any problems.  When was the last time your pistol was checked out by an expert?  All manufacturer's specify an armorer level inspection on a regular basis, some say annually.  It's one thing if your firearm breaks down when you are on the range, but can you afford not to have it in tip top shape for self defense?

Remember if your gun breaks down in a gun fight, you'll have the rest of your life to wish you took better care of it.

Service Program for Glocks Learn more

Modifications and Upgrades
Thinking about night sights or perhaps an ambidextrous safety?  Remember it takes an Armorer to know what’s best for your gun and how to install the parts correctly.

Problem Solutions
Having malfunction problems?  Don’t go to a blog, go to a factory certified Armorer.  We’ve seen most problems and if we haven’t, we have access factory experts who can help.

Armorer Videos
A variety of video training modules for people interested in learning about Armorer work. Click here