The following references to the Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS) should be reviewed regularly for changes.  During our classes you will receive a condensed easy to ready, with important highlights and explanations, version of each of these key legal references.

The Firearm Concealed Carry Act

This is where you will find the laws specific to carry concealed in Illinois, specifically your eligibility requirements (section 25) and the prohibited areas (section 65).  Remember the law can change, keep up to date on those prohibited areas. full act

UPDATE!  A recent change to Section 10 (h).  Providing your Concealed Carry Permit now meets the requirement for disclosure to a law enforcement officer that you are carrying a concealed firearm.  A new section 10 (h-1) now allows law enforcement and emergency services personnel to temporary take and hold your firearm during any contact with those personnel.  And Section 65 (b) no longer requires you to unload your pistol when outside the pistol for the purposes of storing it in the trunk of your car in a prohibited parking area.

The Firearms Owner Identification Act

The FOID act covers the requirement for your FOID registration as well as laws about the sale or transfer of firearms.  full act

The Unlawful Use of Weapons section

The UUW covers the general laws for the possession and use of firearms and other weapons.  full act

The Justifiable Use of Force Articles

Here you can read about exemptions for the use of deadly force.  full act