Defensive Rifle Operator

Operation and function of the AR rifle, use of the rifle in defensive scenarios and incorporation with pistol.  The training will enable the student to learn effective techniques for operating in ranges from 2 yards to over 100 yards and in the real world environment.  The physical aspects of this course require the ability utilize various kneeling, sitting and prone position and to move across uneven ground.

  • Rifle functionality, operation and maintenance
  • Options & accessories, lights, sights, slings & mags
  • Rifle ballistics and sight adjustment, iron and optics
  • Positions, movement, and barricades
  • Malfunctions and remedial action drills
  • Reactive shooting
  • Pistol transitions


The long gun provides for significantly more range and power, these are real world differentiators.  The AR platform requires specialized understanding of its strengths and weaknesses to be a truly effective platform.

Not just a familiarization class, this course will provide you with the additional tools to safely and effectively operate with the AR rifle