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The Ladies Pistol Project click here

As you can imagine I'm frequently asked "What's the best handgun"?  Well the NRA funded a study to determine just that question, for women anyway.  The Ladies Pistol Project took 18 different handguns and put them in the hands of 35 women under the watchful eye of a group of female instructors and carefully surveyed and examined what makes a good hand gun for women.  I personally found this study to be exceptionally informative and I highly recommend reading it, no matter your gender. 

Force Science Institute Ltd

This is a very interesting company that does research on many aspects of deadly force encounters and reports on all aspects of firearm related incidents.  I highly recommend reviewing their past issues of the newsletter and the research demos.

Duane Thomas

A competitive shooter and frequent author, Duane Thomas always has an open minded, honest approach on his subjects. He provides excellent insight and tips to improving your skills.

Dr. Roger Enoka Involuntary Muscle Contractions and the Unintentional Discharge of a Firearm

As we discuss in class there is a difference between a negligent discharge and an unintentional discharge.  This is the study we refer to in class, this is a very compelling paper that helps you understand why you need to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.  The paper explains human factors that can cause your trigger finger to squeeze even when you don’t want it to. Reprinted here with permission

Dr. Christopher Heim et al  The Risk of Involuntary Discharge

This is a very interesting study of how your trigger finger behaves when you undertake other physical activity.  This compelling analysis complements the Enoka study and will surprise you with some revealing experiments.  Reprinted here with permission.

Deadly Force, Understanding your right to self defense, Massad Ayoob

An outstanding read by one of the masters.  Ayoob is an excellent author, this book provides valuable insight information on what he calls the "software" of self defense.   It's primarily about decision making, behavior and legal aspects of self defense.  A must read for anybody considering concealed carry.  Available on line

In the name of Self-Defense, Marc MacYoung

I just about wore out my highlighter with this one.  It is a bit of a tough read, it's long and covers a lot of topics but MacYoung really delves in to the details of self defense, your rights and the do and dont's.  He provides some excellent perspectives on what the leading indicators of violence look like to prepare you to see and avoid the deadly force confrontation. Available on line

Left of Bang, Patrick Van Horne & Jason Riley

Billed as "how the Marine Corps' combat hunter program can save your life".  This covers the latest science in learning to avoid confrontation or getting ahead and being prepared when it does happen.  We covered a lot of this concept in the Imminent Threat Defence concealed carry class, and this is a great follow up to increase your knowledge.  Available on line.

The Three Headed Monster: Defending a Desparity of Force Shooting click here to download pdf

This is the story of Hickey vs Arizona, it's a quick easy read, less than 50 pages, but it's also an execellent example of the challenges of a self defense case and the importance of good training and an understanding of your rights and limitiations.  Provided free of charge by the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, it's a must read for anyone considering concealed carry.

Defending the Self-Defense Case Click here to link

Written by an experienced self defence lawyer Lisa Steele and excellent discussion of the legal challenges of the Self-Defense case.  Although written by a lawyer for lawyers, it is very readable by the lay person and provides some excellent insights into the complexities of this type of legal defense.