Here are some tips from people who have completed the process.


The application process is explained in great detail on the Illinois State Police web site click here

You should review that site for the latest information.

That said, the most common issues people seem to have is not preparing the materials in advance, that the application process will require to be uploaded.

You must have prepared, in electronic format, (i.e. jpg, pdf), the following;

  • Your concealed carry training certificate (make sure you sign it first).
  • Any previous training certificates if you used them for 8hr of training credit.
  • A passport style photograph.

Additionally if you’re going to submit fingerprints you’ll need the TCN number that the fingerprint facility supplied you.

Photograph standards are;

  • Full color photo of a good likeness of you, no digital alterations
  • Facial view from shoulders up, properly centered and in focus
  • Eye open, mouth closed, neutral expression
  • Photo must be taken within the last thirty (30) days
  • Background must be a light solid color
  • No hats, sunglasses or other accessories that obscure your face

Accepted file type, JPG, PNG and GIF

I highly recommend you try the U.S. government passport photo editor, it is super easy to use.  You can drag and zoom your picture to just the right size in seconds.

I've been hearing very favorable reviews from people who have used the file by phone system, you might try it.  First prepare all your material, have copies in front of you then call the number provided at the State Police web site.  They'll take your info and mail you the completed forms for your verification, signature and payment.  Just follow the instructions and send it back.