Advanced classes are available to students who have completed the Imminent Threat Defense Illinois Concealed Carry training, NRA Defensive Pistol, or NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home.  You must be able to demonstrate proficiency in, live fire draw from holster, barricade shooting, rapid fire shooting, and shooting on the move. 

These classes are limited in size to ensure quality instruction and maximum learning opportunity.  Contact us for availability.

Concealed Carry Refresher

It has been said that owning a pistol no more makes you a shooter than owning a piano makes you a musician.  It is critical to learn and practice the skills of shooting a pistol and training for the real world.  It is equally important to work with an instructor to refine your skills.  Practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice does.  Bad practice just makes you bad.

This class is designed to reinforce those skills you learned in previous courses, especially those “training” classes that consisted of a test of 30 or 40 rounds and no real skill development.  Not just another test, this course will reinforce those skills you need to effectively operate as a concealed carry shooter.

Shooting with Movement

Movement is a significant differentiator and the world is dynamic.  From a defensive perspective standing in one spot is likely to produce undesirable results.   Transitioning to movement and shooting on the move, requires developing skills with your feet, adapting to changing balance and unusual stances to maintain proficiency

Not just a familiarization class, this course will provide you with the additional tools to safely and effectively operate in a world that moves.

One Handed Pistol Operator

This course brings aspects of the real world of gun fighting to training.  In a self defense scenario it is very likely you will be forced into a situation where it is impossible to engage using the proper two handed grip.  Developing skills in one handed operations is an essential component in your toolbox of skills you need to develop and maintain to have that tactical advanatage in a deadly force encounter.

Low Light Operations

An FBI study showed that about 70% of gunfights occur in low light conditions.  Darkness is an advantage to attackers and they use it.  So learning how to deal with darkness is an essential skill.  This course will enable you to operate more effectively in low light, how to select and use tools that can improve your effectiveness.

Not just a familiarization class, this course will provide you with the additional skills to operate in a world that is mostly dark.

Shooting from Alternative Positions

The world isn’t square and you can’t always pick your playing field.  Not only learn how to compensate for unusual terrain but learn to choose the best positions to balance speed, support and protection required by real world circumstances.  This course will provide you with the additional tools to safely and effectively use the best position for the situation